Mount Vernon now offers hourly or daily rentals of Zip Cars for guests at our property.

Special membership rates can be received when registering as a guest at our property.

Membership cards, when approved can be received within a few days and can even be picked up at

the local Zip Car office once approved.

To apply visit:

Please note that you should apply online prior to arriving in Boston so that you can be sure that your

membership will be active when you arrive. If you wish you may have your membership card sent directly to our property

and we will hold it until your arrival. International guests must be aware that documents are required from your home

country to process your appliction. Doing the application while in your home country will insure that all of the proper

documents have been submitted and that there will be no problems receiving your membership card.

Dyer Property note for Zip Car rentals. Please note that when renting a Zip Car in Boston there is a flat $10

annual convention center tax added to all rentals.

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